The Master of Science in Luxury Management (Fashion and Accessories Management) is a unique specialization designed to meet the specific needs of the luxury retail major brands. It prepares you to make your first steps into an international career. It seeks to educate the next generation of retail managers and international marketing managers specifically within the Luxury Retail sector.

The MSc in Fashion and Accessories Management avails oneself of a mix of academic content and professional collaborations and it is designed to train and develop specifically-educated managers able to craft innovative solutions to the highly complex problems that arise in the luxury retail environment.

You learn the complexity of the luxury industry and the inter-relationships between all business functions within a luxury retail environment, and develop the skills and behaviors to become trustworthy brand ambassadors.

The program provides all the theories and practical knowledge necessary to develop the skills that can lead to careers in:
– Retail Management (Retail Manager, Area Manager, Store Manager),
– Luxury Distribution,
– Merchandising and Retail Buying,
– International Marketing


On successful completion of the program in Luxury, participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to manage a luxury Retail environment as a true business unit while considering the importance of brand heritage and values, as translated into the products they are distributing;
  • Exhibit sensitivity and the relational skills needed to increase the business, reinforce customer loyalty;
  • Critically analyze how different luxury retail companies manage their brands and market offerings to succeed in different markets;
  • Demonstrate a culture of appreciation for the quality of the service, the immaterial, emotional and sensorial dimension of luxury;
  • Understand and use the needed instruments/tools to manage, develop and retain the best talents;

Alumni Testimonials

As a student in the MSc in Luxury Management, Fashion and Accessories Management specialization, I was exposed to different aspects of the Luxury business. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, hard to be found anywhere else.

The Fashion and Accessories Management program strengthen my knowledge of the Luxury business and allowed me to better understand the industry I am currently working in.

During my time at IUM, I was also able to build invaluable relationships with industry professionals and with my colleagues.

Working in the jewellery merchandising is challenging but very interesting at the same time: it requires continuous patience, concentration and activeness. It’s not just related to understanding the sales trends and selecting the right merchandise for the specific boutique/region/country. Being a good merchandiser implies transferring all the company’s messages and values to our front line colleagues, listen to them and allowing them to influence and anticipate the customers’ purchasing habits and behaviours.

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