Applied Corporate Projects

A way to apply what you learn, while also building professional networks

The applied corporate projects, worth three credits and so equivalent to one full course, give students the opportunity to apply the theories and tools they have learned in the classroom to actual situations faced by organizations both in Monaco and further afield.

Needless to say, each year’s projects are different, as they are based on the needs and challenges faced by different enterprises across a variety of sectors.

For instance:

  • Two groups of MSc in Luxury Management, Hospitality specialization, focused on analyzing and giving recommendations about the social media and digital strategy for Fraser Yacht.
  • Two teams of the MSc in Luxury Management, Brand and Fashion & Accessories Management specialization, worked with the CRM Department of Ermenegildo Zegna.
  • Also two groups of the MSc in Luxury Management, Brand and Fashion & Accessories Management specialization, focused on developing a revamping strategy for Burberry.


“The Zegna Corporate Project has been an incredible opportunity for the students at IUM, since it has given us the chance to collaborate with a great company such as Zegna on contributing to enhance and bring innovative ideas to their CRM program.

At the beginning, it was very challenging because it involved a lot of research on the field, especially in terms of mystery shopping and in-depth interviews performed. Furthermore, all groups pushed themselves to find a real concrete point of improvement on which to work on and to implement new ideas.

However, thanks to great teamwork and dedication, we managed to deliver a consistent and feasible idea to the Zegna CRM management, which for sure has found from all group presentations some creative ideas that they might implement in the future.

In conclusion, participating to this project was a very important and rewarding experience for all of us. The challenge provided by Zegna enabled us to put to work all our knowledge we acquired during the Master in Luxury Management at IUM and it proved to be a great professional test from which all of us will benefit.”

Gian Piero Mazzilli, MSc in Luxury Management, Brand Management specialization 2016


“After the first meeting with all the groups we discovered how differently we were thinking: many of us followed a more creative approach, others were keener to develop a strategy that was using existing brand codes. The comparison among all our ideas was exciting, we challenged ourselves and we shared opinions. Suddenly we started looking at the same problem from another point of view: we were part of the company and the plan we had to suggest needed to be concrete and applicable.

At the end of the year, when we presented the conclusions of the Burberry Corporate Project, we were definitely satisfied. It was a success from the academic and personal point of view.”

Arianna Alessio, Msc in Luxury Management, Fashion & Accessories Management specialization 2017