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As part of your MSc in International Management program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.
  • IN FALL – “ Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths
  • IN WINTER – “Targeting the institutions”
  • IN SPRING – “Making Connections”


A master in International Management focusing on business creation tackles a broad variety of career paths:

■ common positions from international Business Management, with a strong component of innovation
■ emerging positions from the digital transformation
■ consulting positions in a large corporation tackling innovation challenges, in the emerging business players, that reinvent business value chains and consumption modes, or in entrepreneurial ventures or venture capital institutions
■ Business analyst
■ Consultant digital workplace
■ Service manager
■ International business developper
■ Key account manager
■ Import/export manager
■ Digital transformation project leader

Alumni Testimonials

When I first applied to IUM, I wasn’t sure what kind of job I saw myself in. I just knew, that I wouldn’t study a too specialized course, because I was afraid that it would lock me to only one direction. Then I read about the MSc in International Management at IUM, that offered me a wide program, and gave me a vast skillset from finance to more humanitarian and “soft” knowledge. The MSc in International Management was perfect for me – and to study in Monaco was just a big plus.

The MSc in International Management gave me the opportunity to get a feeling of all the different classes, including multidisciplinary work and case work combining all the different courses. Monaco is
an incredible place to study business. It is basically the meeting point for so many successful business people, and through IUM, I got to meet people I know will be in my network for many years.

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