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GET a UNIQUE ACCESS to MONACO’s Financial Center!

With its 85 regulated financial institutions and its 100+ family offices spread over 2km², Monaco has created an unparalleled cluster in southern Europe.

IUM is the exclusive provider of trainings and examinations to Monaco’s official certification for finance professionals. The strong links built over the past decade with the finance industry give IUM’ students an edge when entering Monaco’s job market.

IUM and Barclays Monaco set up a partnership to support training the future generation

MSc in Finance - Barclays Bank visitThe world of business is changing rapidly and unpredictably.  As long established business models are being disrupted, risks—as well as opportunities– are rising exponentially.

The world of finance, financial markets, and investments are in the frontline of this change and disruption. For a business school, redesigning and adjusting its training programs to meet the employment market’s rapidly evolving needs when it comes to new recruits is an ongoing challenge. It requires discussions, initiatives and a shared vision with key players in each industry. This approach is at the core of the International University of Monaco’s strategy.

It is with this in mind that the International University of Monaco and Barclays Monaco have established a partnership aimed at creating synergies between both institutions, even beyond Monaco’s borders.

Several events are scheduled throughout the year.

IUM chosen by the AMAF to develop Monaco’s certification for finance professionals

MSc in Finance - Monaco Financial Center

Implemented since May, 2nd 2014, the AMAF (Monaco’s Finance Association) certification is Monaco’s official professional certification required for Finance professionals. This certification is mandatory for all new staff seeking front office positions, including traders, financial analysts, client relationship managers, sales people and direct supervisors of such professionals.

Professional certifications are now required in most developed financial centers as they address the specific need for financial institutions to insure that all Front office staff have appropriate technical and deontological knowledge to properly function.

Monaco has been willing to set the highest standards in order to continue to develop its financial industry in a responsible, sustainable manner and to meet clients’ high expectations. Such professional requirements affirm Monaco’s position as a dynamic financial center.