How to study sustainable development management?

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You are aware of the current environmental problems and wish to act for the good of humanity by choosing an appropriate profession? Do you want to get into sustainable development management, but are having trouble finding the right training? Find out in this article how to study sustainable development management.

In summary:

Management of sustainable development:

  • Is a recent track not yet available from many schools.
  • Can be studied at an international business school.
  • Requires knowledge of both the basics of classical management and the concept of sustainable development.
  • Studied as part of a specialization at the end of a classic management course.
  • Gives access to many opportunities.

What studies should I do to discover sustainable development management?

Based on its 3 pillars, including the environment, social and economic, you can discover the management of sustainable development in these 3 branches. It is also taught in many other areas. This is especially because of the urgency to take effective measures to preserve the planet and the resources it contains.

Lately, there are still few schools that offer exclusive training in sustainable development management. It is indeed a very recent branch that is still being promoted. However, many internships and work-study programs are available to teach the basics and the application of this new concept.

The best way to understand sustainable development is to study the environment. However, discovering sustainable development management requires mastering the basics of classical management.

Nowadays, sustainability management is taught in more detail in practice, at conferences and seminars. You have every chance of learning how to master it by applying it in a company. To do this, you can do an internship or get your first job as an assistant for example.

Which short studies should I choose to do in sustainable development management?

If you want to acquire the basics of sustainable development management, you can opt for a short course. Since environmental problems and issues in this sector affect the whole world, it is ideal to do international studies. This is what makes a Bachelor’s degree in International Management an excellent alternative to introduce you to sustainable development management.

It is a training that is generally done in 3 years. At the end of the program, you can choose to continue your studies in a Master’s program or to enter the working world directly. If you are interested in this Bachelor’s degree, you can join an international business school like IUM.

Visit their website to find out about all the Bachelor’s programs available and the details. If you need more information about a particular course, you can always ask your questions in the FAQ section.

What is the best way to study sustainable development management?

If you want to master the management of sustainable development to make it your profession, the ideal is to opt for a long training. Normally, it requires a minimum of 5 years of study. To date, schools offering training specifically focused on sustainable development management are rare.

However, you can always take a Master’s degree and specialize in sustainable development right afterwards. Thus, one of the best courses is to follow an MSc International Management and then do your specialization within a company. As part of your studies, you can even opt for work-study and/or internships.

To do international management, you can also integrate the IUM. The school also makes it possible to study on a sandwich basis, especially towards the end of yourgraduate studies.

What are the opportunities in sustainable development management?

Although it is a new field for which specific training is available, sustainable development management has many outlets. First of all, it is a branch that must exist within many companies in order for them to function normally and according to standards.

These are companies working in the fields of the environment, energy, commerce and sociology. That said, regardless of their activities, many companies apply the principles of sustainable development management for the benefit of humanity.

This is the reason, among others, for the establishment of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) departments within companies. This also explains the application of the CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) policy at the level of these companies. All of this contributes to the creation of new professions and therefore numerous job opportunities.

Updated 14 September 2023