International University of Monaco
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The faculty of the International University of Monaco has been assembled from all over the world and boasts a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and expertise in domains that range from economics and finance, management and business ethics, to marketing and communication, including more specialized areas such as luxury services or hedge fund management.

The permanent faculty is completed by numerous adjunct lecturers, comprising active professionals selected for their experience in different business sectors, that bring to the classroom the most up-to-date practices and trends.

In addition, visiting professors from other prestigious international institutions regularly teach at IUM.


Full-time Professors

IUM Professors are recognized experts in their fields and have excellent academic credentials.

AZIMA Ramine AZIMA Ramine, Iranian, French MBA
BAKARDZHIEVA Damyana BAKARDZHIEVA Damyana, Bulgarian Ph.D. in Economics
BERTSCHY Marjorie BERTSCHY Marjorie, French M.Sc. in Urban management
BÖBEL Ingo BÖBEL Ingo, German Ph.D. in Economics, Dr. Habil.
CAMPA Domenico CAMPA Domenico, Italian Ph.D. in Accounting
CASTELLO Alessio CASTELLO Alessio, Italian Ph.D. in Management
CRISTINI Hélène CRISTINI Hélène, French Ph.D. in Political Science
CUA Charles CUA Charles, Filipino, French Ph.D. in Operations Research
GADZINSKI Gregory GADZINSKI Gregory, French Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics
JAUFFRET CERVETTI Marie-Nathalie JAUFFRET CERVETTI Marie-Nathalie, French Italian Ph.D. in Communication
KAMAR Bassem KAMAR Bassem, Egyptian Ph.D. in Economics
KLAUS Philipp KLAUS Philipp, German PhD in Marketing
MIRECKA Grazyna-Maria MIRECKA Grazyna-Maria, Polish, British MBA
MOSCATO Gregory Franck MOSCATO Gregory Franck, French Ph.D. in Information Science
MÜHLBACHER Hans MÜHLBACHER Hans, Austrian Ph.D. in Social and Economics Science, Dr. Habil.
MULLER Jean-Philippe MULLER Jean-Philippe, French Ph.D. in Management Science
PATRAS Antonella PATRAS Antonella, Italian Ph.D. in Mathematics
SARGENTI Patrice SARGENTI Patrice, French Ph.D. in Knowledge Management
SOLA Dino SOLA Dino, Italian Ph.D. in Mathematics
TAISHOFF Marika TAISHOFF Marika, American Ph.D. in Political Science
TARQUINI Annalisa TARQUINI Annalisa, Italian DBA (abd)
TOKIC Damir TOKIC Damir, Croatian Ph.D. in International Business


CAUTELA Cabirio, Italian, Ph.D

DE BARNIER Virginie, French, HDR,
Université de Grenoble II, France

DEVILLE Aude, French, Ph.D
FERRARIS Silvia, Italian, Ph.D
FULLER Johann, Austrian, Ph.D
GACHUZ Juan Carlos, Mexican, Ph.D. in Management,
University of Essex, England

INGARAMO Matteo, Italian, Ph.D.,

KREUZER Maria, Austrian, Ph.D. in International Business Studies,

LIGHTFOOT Karen, American, MBA/CPA ,
MERK Michaela, German, Ph.D. in Marketing,
HEC, France
PONS Frank, Canadian, Ph.D. in Marketing,
Concordia University, John Molson School of Business, Canada
RAMPINO Lucia, Italian, Ph.D. in International Design and Multimedia Communication,
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
REDZEPAGIC Srdjan, French, HDR in Economics,
University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
VALETTE FLORENCE Pierre, French, Ph.D.,
Van EENENNAAM Fred, Dutch, Ph.D. in Strategy,
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherland
VINE Tom, British, Ph.D. in Management Studies,
Essex University, UK
WITTMANN Xinhua, Chinese, Ph.D.,
WOODSIDE Arch, American, Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management,


  • ABBASOVA Lala, Azerbaijan, Ph.D. in Language Sciences, Université Paris X Nanterre, France
  • AGIUS Dominique, French, Certificate of studies in Arts, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Toulon, France
  • ARDISS Simon, British, MBA, SDA Bocconi, Italy
  • ASLANOFF Audrey, French, Ph.D. in Management, IAE Nice, France
  • ATTI Matteo, Italian, MA in Communication Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy
  • BARBAGELATA Andrea, Italian, Associate Degree, Italy
  • BEATO Rosella, Italian, MSc in Marketing and Brand Development, HEC Paris, France
  • BONILLA Juan Carlos, Guatemalan, DBA
  • BONVILLAIN Guillaume, French, DEA Sciences de gesion, IAE Nice, France
  • BORSANI Serena, Italian, Master of Arts in Human Rigths & Conflict Management, Scuola Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy
  • BRESCHI Manuela, Italian, MBA Luxury Brand Management, ESSEC Paris, France
  • BUTTIERO Stefano, Italian
  • CHEVROL Anthony, French, MA in Business Law, University Paris X, France
  • CHIERICI Filippo, Italian, MA in International and Private Law, Università Statale degli studi, Italy
  • CIOSI Franck, French, MSc in Finance, Institut technique de banque, France
  • COHEN Maurizio, Italian, Ph.D. in Comparative Law, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland
  • CROVETTO Thierry, Monegasque, M.Sc. in Financial Engineeering, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
  • DUDOGNON Gisèle, French, Ph.D. in Management, IAE Nice, France
  • EGEL Eleftheria, Greek, MBA, DBA, Ph.D. in Management, IAE Nice, France
  • ETZEL Thomas, German, MBA in Finance, University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigshafen/ Mannheim, Germany
  • EVRIPIDOU Errikos, Cypriot, MSc. in Luxury Goods and Services, IUM, Monaco
  • FEARON Patrick, British, MA in Modern Languages, Cambridge University, Churchill College, UK
  • FRISENBERG Caroline, Swedish, BSc in Business Administration, International University of Monaco, Monaco
  • GALDIA Marcus, German, JD, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • GATTO Roberta, Italian, MA in Real Estate and Urbanism Law, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, France
  • GILLIER Olivier, French, MBA in Finance, HUB - University of Brussels, Belgium
  • GUILLEMINEAU Catherine, French, Ph.D. in Economics, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
  • HILL Beverley, British, MSc in Education and Business Administration, University of Bristol, UK
  • HOFFMANN Sabine, German, Ph.D. in International Communication, Macquarie University, Australia
  • HOSTEIN-SU Yuh-Fen, Chinese, BA in Chinese Literature
  • IBARRA Cecilia, Luxembourg, MA in Development and Regional Planning, Institut of Social Studies, The Netherland
  • ILLE Francis, French, MSc. In Engineering, Ecole Centrale de Marseille, France
  • LANDAVERDE Vanessa, Ph.D. (abd), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
  • LARSEN Finn Frode, Norwegian, MBA, BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway
  • LE NEST Cédric, French
  • LECOY Patrick, French, MBA in International Business and International Marketing, University of Bradforf, UK