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The January intake, also known as the spring intake, represents an additional class that begins every year in January. This provides students with the opportunity to change their course of study without losing an entire year or to have extra time to choose the program that best suits their needs.

Starting your degree program in January also offers a significant advantage in terms of time management. This option is ideal for students looking to maximize their academic year as it allows them to utilize the autumn months to specialize in a specific field, work, or travel.

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How it works

A new class starts at the beginning of January. This class follows the same curriculum as the classes that begin in the September intake, but with a one-semester delay.
This option is open to all students holding a high school diploma.

Benefits of January Intake:

  1. The January intake allows students from the southern hemisphere to complete their studies and join a European university without losing a year.
  2. It also provides students with additional time to consider their choices and explore the options available after completing their previous course.
  3. Furthermore, this period can be utilized for necessary preparations, especially by international students who may need to relocate. They can apply for visas and meet other requirements during this time.


How it works

The January Intake is a direct admission for Term 2, starting at the beginning of January.

  • Applicants must hold a degree in Business Management (a 4- year degree or an honors track)
  • Applicants must have a diploma totaling 120 US credits (240 ECTS)

Benefits of January Intake:

  • The January intake allows academically inclined students to complete their degrees in a shorter timeframe, allowing them to advance toward their goals more quickly.
  • Additionally, international students can utilize this period to make necessary preparations in case of relocation. They can apply for visas and fulfill other requirements during this time.
  • Furthermore, it offers students the much-needed space to carefully consider their decisions, providing a buffer period to reevaluate their choices with a fresh perspective.

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For more information on the requirements, contact us at admissions@monaco.edu.  

Updated 21 August 2023