The educational team for the Executive DBA programme is made up of professors, most with high international standing, notably in the management field. Amongst the characteristics of the team:

  • Many who are, or have been, academic faculty members at major universities around the world;
  • With a cumulative research experience measured in hundreds of published works (scientific journal articles, books, research reports, magazine articles, etc.);
  • With extensive experience in research leadership, including doctoral research and also multinational teams;
  • Enthusiastic to guide and accompany experienced students in the preparation of their Executive DBA thesis;
  • With extensive experience accompanying students in distance learning;


Unlike predominantly text-based online platforms, our learning environment is a dynamic, professional learning community with an interactive network of content and people.

Our platform allows you to choose how you want to interact with the course material.

By delivering topical-based course content in a non-linear mode, the platform enables you to choose the order and depth of topics to study. It increases your efficiencies allowing you to review known information and concentrate on unknown material. This is a focused, designed experience built around you.

The platform used by IUM is more than a place to study for your degree. It is a community of students, alumni, instructors, and administrators joining together to share experiences and offer support in the pursuit of your personal, professional and academic goals.

The teaching resources available on line constitute a key success factor for the students of the Executive DBA programme. These state-of-the-art tools allow IUM to build learning communities and develop its teaching activities at a fully international scale. The local capacity of IUM is complemented by network links and reciprocity with other establishments.


The eCampus of IUM Online provides you with the learning experiences and support services you would expect to find on a traditional business school campus. We support your learning and research through the Library’s online public access catalogue, reference services, and online databases.

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