BBA in Sport Business Management (3rd year specialization)

sport business managementOur Bachelor in Sport Business Management Specialization is for students who want to gain management and leadership skills with the focus on sport business and be part of this rapidly expanding industry.

There are exciting opportunities for graduates with an understanding of the complexity that this industry represents. Knowledge of business, finance and management combined with passion for sport.

Bachelor in Sport Business Management students will gain in-depth knowledge in strategic marketing, sport economics & governance, and products, accessories & distribution.

This specialization opens up a wide range of career paths with bright employment outlook.

Bachelor in Sport Business Management students can pursue their study in our MSc in Sport Business Management

Track 1: Strategic Marketing of the Sport industry

It aims to introduce students to key sociological concepts and theories and their application to the study of sport; and to provide them an understanding of the role and application of strategic marketing techniques in the sport industry.

Track 2: Sports Economics and Governance

The goal is for the student to obtain an understanding of the importance of governance for sports organizations, both at the strategic and managerial level and to recognize the differences between models of sport and regulation; and to gain a critical understanding and appreciation of the economics of mass sports participation, professional team sports and sports events.

Track 3: Products, Accessories and Distribution

This track focuses on the critical elements impacting the quality and nature of the purchasing experience. It also analyzes the different distribution networks as well as the business models and strategies behind each: retail (directly operated stores, flagships, concept stores, shop-in-shop, corners, etc) and wholesale.
Students will learn how to adapt the sport retail outlet to conform to customers’ expectations in terms of services, mood, atmosphere, physical impression, and sensation.

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