Some of the Courses offered in the Bachelor in the Communication and Entertainment Management Program

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

This bachelor course is an introduction to the world of media production and all its stages. You will have acquired the basic skills to produce a short video from its conception to the final stages of Post-Production.
This undergraduate course aims at describing the present status of legal regulation concerning economically relevant aspects of information and communication. It covers elements of international regulation that it compares with national legal systems, mostly U.S. and French, while also using examples from other jurisdictions. In particular, this Bachelor in Communication course introduces into the law of intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark, trade dress, and trade secret) as a part of economical law that regulates use of information and into the law of communication, both classic and contemporary, thus encompassing mass media (printed press, broadcasting, cinema), advertising and the cyberlaw (law of internet).
This commnication class will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to feel relaxed in the spotlight. The focus will be on confidence building, improvisation techniques, critical thinking and using body language effectively to help you to feel more confident in any situation, ranging from public speaking, selling yourself, selling a product or being in any unfamiliar situation.
This Bachelor course provides you with the opportunity to explore the broader contexts in which International Business operates covering the creative, philosophical, political, spiritual and ideological endeavours that influence human behaviour. This undergraduate course is cross-disciplinary in nature and allows for a multi-dimensional approach.
This communication course, which also includes speaking skills, focuses principally on communication for a range of purposes in an international business context, e.g. letters, emails, CVs and job applications. It highlights the need for fitness for purpose by matching objectives with the needs of the audience. Case studies will be used throughout the course. You are encouraged to work collaboratively and will refine your research skills by writing a report which you will also present in class.
This Bachelor course explains in detail the dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision making, through an in-depth view of the many factors that influence the consumer’s decision making process, including personality, social groups, culture, values structure, perception, and learning. The bachelor in communication course material is related to the development of consistent marketing strategy through lectures, cases and readings.
The Bachelor of Science course will examine films and their culture. Films are cultural artifacts. Like music, tools, books, and a million other things they can help us understand how a group of people live — what matters to them, how they express their feelings, how their society is organized, and so forth. But as with other cultural artifacts, fully understanding a film requires some prior knowledge of the culture that produced it, as well as some general skill in what has come to be called “visual literacy.

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