Some of the Courses offered in the Bachelor Programs

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

The introduction of important ethical theories and moral traditions covers a broad range of moral dilemmas facing society and the world today. This BBA course is designed to give you the opportunity to stimulate your moral imagination while wrestling with the problems of applied business ethics, whether personal or professional. Having these theories in mind, you will then be allowed to discern which theories are likely to subsist in these times of crises…
Organizations – new entrepreneurial ventures, large corporations and nonprofit endeavors – need individuals who can identify problems, develop and implement creative solutions, find new opportunities and markets, and manage in ways that enhance others‟ creativity.This requires employees who think and behave as creative entrepreneurs.

This undergraduate course will help you understand the importance of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, teach you to identify opportunities and provide you with techniques for coming up with creative ideas and solutions to problems. You will learn about and assess yourself in order to determine whether you want to become an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur (an entrepreneur working within a corporation).

This Bachelor degree will explain you what is income determination, the (Keynesian) multiplier model, money and banking, monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, economic growth, fiscal policy, deficits and government debt, exchange rates and aspects of the international economy.
This Bachelor of Science in Business Administration course will shows how research and concepts in this subject can inform and be applied to broader/strategic marketing issues. This Bachelor course is designed to introduce current theories in Consumer Research and to help you applying these theories for market research and decision-making in the area of marketing management. Its goals are to provide conceptual understanding of buyer behavior, to provide experience in the application of buyer behavior concepts to marketing management and social policy decision making, and to develop analytic capability in using behavioral research data and methodology.

You should develop an understanding of consumer behavior, as well as operational understanding of consumer behavior in an intercultural environment. A special focus will be put on consumer behavior in Europe.

This BSBA course is to analyze and explain how businesses interact with financial markets and financial intermediaries, in the context of a dynamic global macroeconomic and regulatory environment. Several classes will be devoted to the stock market, the government and corporate fixed income markets, the money market and the derivatives market. Among the institutions studied in detail are investment banks, commercial banks, brokers and market makers, investment companies and central banks.
Globalization is almost universally predicated as inevitable, necessary, conducive to efficiency and economic well-being and unstoppable. It has become a buzzword for leaders in business and politics alike. This BSBA course explores globalization in its various dimensions- economic, political, cultural and so on and enables students to deepen their understanding of the concept and its impact on business, society and the individual.

Alumni Testimonials

I appreciate the small class size. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions and to interact with the professors easily. Also, when I miss some classes due to my professional life, it’s easy to ask classmates for updates or professors for explanations. I find our professors approachable and available, especially for my particular circumstances, they are aware of my situation and they do their best to accommodate my personal situation.

I have also discovered a passion for finance…which was not expected at all but I think I have found my career path.

Make the most of your time at IUM, take advantages of all the opportunities given to students: conferences, career development, sport activities, networking events. Open your eyes, keep your mind alive, learn from others from other countries/cultures to differentiate yourself on the job market.

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