Some of the Core Courses offered

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The introduction of important ethical theories and moral traditions covers a broad range of moral dilemmas facing society and the world today. This BBA course is designed to give you the opportunity to stimulate your moral imagination while wrestling with the problems of applied business ethics, whether personal or professional. Having these theories in mind, you will then be allowed to discern which theories are likely to subsist in these times of crises…
This module provides an introduction to the business curriculum. It gets students acquainted with basic management process, concepts, techniques and tools, as well as various functions like marketing, human resource management, accounting and information technology, within the general and competitive environment of business. Research, preparation and presentation of oral and written reports enable the students to relate the studies areas to current events.
This Bachelor degree introduces students to the skills required to complete a major research report.

The course is designed to provide students with a wide and comprehensive range of communication skills in a research context that they can use across the BSBA and in the business world.

Students will learn how to format a report, and master the essential principles and techniques used in argumentation. They will demonstrate improved reading, oral, and research skills; advanced writing skills; and the ability to read a large amount of data and find relevant information in order to present themselves and their ideas with confidence to an audience.

This class will teach the skills and techniques to enable students to feel relaxed and confident in all areas of their personal and professional lives where they need to communicate and speak. It will give them the tools to use their voice and help them to have speaking contact, and skills with confidence. The Course will enable students to grow and learn about themselves, and their way of communicating, in a fun, stimulating, and challenging manner.
This course explores the role marketing plays within companies and society. It focuses on the development and analysis of consistent marketing strategies. It describes how consumers are the focus of all marketing actions and how environmental changes influence marketing strategy development and implementation. Students will learn how to identify, analyse and solve marketing problems using the marketing analysis framework, the marketing process and the marketing plan. They will study and apply the Marketing-Mix elements (Product, Price, Placement and Promotion). The course will also view marketing from a societal and international perspective and discuss marketing ethics.
This course is run in a very interactive manner, with case  analysis and discussion the primary mode of instruction. It covers some of the major strategic decision-making tools—including the Ansoff Matrix; SWOT; the VRIO Core Competency tool—as applied specifically to the global environment.  A variety of environmental analysis tools, such as Porter’s Five Forces, PEST, PESTEL, and BEAM, are also be discussed from an applied and practical point of view.  And since successful global strategizing also entails dealing with issues of multi-cultural integration and cross cultural communication, we also examine the importance of national culture– including a firm’s own culture of origin, the cultures of its potential customers, and the cultures of its employees– to everything it does. Finally, we are examining some of the newer elements of strategy, from the notion of “creating shared value”, to the growing acceptance of so-called B Corporations.
This course provides students with insight into the rapidly changing world of global environmental policy and sustainable development. Students will be exposed to the challenges of managing the environment and securing sustainable development.
To combine an understanding of social psychology for communication in business – to be familiar with the fundamental psychological concepts in proper human communication, AND teach the skills and techniques necessary to enable students to communicate effectively and competently in the business world – through written and oral business communication.
This course is designed for the students who have interest in professional selling, sales management and the negotiation process, namely at the international level in a B2B environment. The international aspect of selling and negotiating will be addressed as well as the cultural component of the communication process. One of the fundamental messages is that professional selling can be a respectable as well as rewarding career alternative. This course also stresses that negotiation skills are necessary for all business functions to effectively convey your ideas and win approval for them.Some of the key messages will be related to:

  • Identify the principal forms of marketing channels or distribution.
  • Examine the skills and characteristics that contribute to increased sales effectiveness in relationship selling.
  • Identify and apply prospecting techniques and sale closure techniques.
  • How to get to “yes” in the negotiation game.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make effective presentations.
  • Define the salespersons’ role in advertising, and other forms of promotion.
  • Demonstrate short and long term planning capabilities in relation to sales goals and objectives.

As selling is a high relational process, the course will have to be highly interactive with an important focus on oral presentations and discussions. The course will be somewhat like a “2.0 course”, evolving with your questions goals. Course slides will be given at the end of each session.

This course provides students with the general knowledge necessary to manage efficiently a Web Project.

The class combines both theory and practice by learning the history of the internet and using HTML code, CSS and Content Management System such as Joomla or WordPress. A short introduction to Search Engine Marketing will also be done. Each lesson will focus on specific issues.

The dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision making, through an in-depth view of the many factors that influence the consumer’s decision making process, including personality, social groups, culture, values structure, perception, and learning. The course material is related to the development of consistent marketing strategy through lectures, cases and readings.

Alumni Testimonials

I appreciate the small class size. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions and to interact with the professors easily. Also, when I miss some classes due to my professional life, it’s easy to ask classmates for updates or professors for explanations. I find our professors approachable and available, especially for my particular circumstances, they are aware of my situation and they do their best to accommodate my personal situation.

I have also discovered a passion for finance…which was not expected at all but I think I have found my career path.

Make the most of your time at IUM, take advantages of all the opportunities given to students: conferences, career development, sport activities, networking events. Open your eyes, keep your mind alive, learn from others from other countries/cultures to differentiate yourself on the job market.

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More info about this program

INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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Ask to be called back by the Admissions Manager

INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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