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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Andreea Coman, BSBA’17

“IUM is the perfect choice for me, because it’s the perfect blend between the American and the European system, which gives you the coziness you need.

Also, the most important strength of the Bachelor in Business Administration is that it gives you a comprehensive and practical knowledge at the same time. It allow you to follow which ever career path you want.”

Course descriptions

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Organizations – new entrepreneurial ventures, large corporations and nonprofit endeavors – need individuals who can identify problems, develop and implement creative solutions, find new opportunities and markets, and manage in ways that enhance others’ creativity. This requires employees who think and behave as creative entrepreneurs. This course will help you understand the importance of entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, teach you to identify opportunities and provide you with techniques for coming up with creative ideas and solutions to problems. You will learn about and assess yourself in order to determine whether you want to become an entrepreneur or an intra-preneur (an entrepreneur working within a corporation).

Logistics and Operations

This course introduces students to proven quantitative methods used for the analysis and control of facilities, manpower, and material in logistics and operations management. The course seeks to illustrate that operations management is fundamentally indispensable to good corporate management regardless of the sector. It assists students in understanding the link between effective general management and the principles and techniques of managing operations in the modern firm by emphasizing applications in the service and manufacturing sectors. Students will learn the basics of quantitative methods and analytical tools used in logistics and operations management to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. They will also demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of logistics and operations management.

Brand Management

This class highlights the importance of branding for consumers and firms. It provides insights into how to create profitable brand strategies by building, measuring, and managing brand equity. It is divided into six parts. Part 1 introduces branding concepts. Parts II, III, IV and V present the concepts in details. Part VI summarizes and applies the concepts in different contexts. All along the course, the concepts will be illustrated with traditional brands and luxury brands stressing the specificities of luxury brand management.

Introduction to Financial Markets

The main purpose of this course is to analyze and explain how businesses interact with financial markets and financial intermediaries, in the context of a dynamic global macroeconomic and regulatory environment. Concurrently, there will also be some applications to personal finance (stock and bond trading and investing, residential mortgages). Several classes will be devoted to the stock market, the government and corporate fixed income markets, the money market and the derivatives market, in particular credit default swaps and residential mortgage-backed securities. Among the institutions studied in detail are investment banks, commercial banks, brokers and market makers, investment companies and central banks.


This course focuses on differentiation, integration (anti-differentiation), definite integrals for functions of one variable, and partial differentiation. These mathematical models are applied to topics such as supply/demand, cost/revenue/profit, production of labor, elasticity, consumer/producer surplus, Cobb-Douglas production functions, utility functions.

Advanced Statistics

This course introduces further statistical concepts and techniques, building on the basics of descriptive and inferential statistics covered in MATH 1902. Topics include hypothesis testing, comparison of two population means/proportions, simple & multiple linear regression, correlation, chi-squared tests for goodness of fit and independence, introduction to time series. Students will learn to use these advanced statistical concepts and techniques in analyzing data and presenting data correctly and clearly. They will develop an understanding of the nature of data, the conclusions that can and cannot be validly drawn from it.  They will be aware of the powers and limitations of statistical techniques. Excel/DDXL are very important tools for carrying out statistical analysis throughout the course.

Market Research

This course aims equip students to appreciate how marketing research helps reduce uncertainty when making marketing decisions, to learn how to plan, execute and criticize the use of marketing research and to understand the types of marketing research most often conducted at each step in the new product development process.


The European Union

This course focuses on the political and economic aspects of the European Union, as well as on current issues concerning the development of the EU: EMU, eastward enlargement, policies, institutions, and relations with countries outside the EU. The survey of the historical background of the EU is necessary to fully understand the reasons and the need for an economic, monetary and political integration within the European Union.

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More info about this program

INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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