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International University of Monaco


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DBA Program

The DBA is practitioner-oriented and designed to be of functional significance to the practice of management.

It could be oriented towards sustained theoretically-based investigation of the management field leading to novel re-considerations of existing work, or towards a purely research-based, original analysis and consideration of data and phenomena to correspond with similar research existent in the academic milieu.

The DBA degree intended to allow you to embark on careers as applied researchers, consultants, and senior corporate roles.

The objective of this program is to produce a research paper, the DBA Thesis. This thesis is the result of personal work, guided by a supervisor as well as methodology and specialized seminars.

This research thesis deals with a problem assessment on a chosen topic, presenting a managerial issue relevant in today’s management practice.

This thesis is composed of several compulsory components:
(i) A detailed introduction presenting the research, explaining the problem assessment, its managerial impact, and the structure of the thesis
(ii) Based on a solid academic bibliography, a literature review of the material you will use
(iii) A methodological structure and its application possibilities
(iv) An explanation of the empirical results obtained
(v) A conclusion including a generalization of the obtained results, insisting on the benefits for professionals and managers.

This DBA thesis preparation work will be evaluated periodically by your supervisor through presentations on the evolution of your research during research seminars, and at the end of your work through the defense of your thesis in front of a jury.

The defense will take place at the end of the program, the latter lasting from 3 to 4 years.

The best theses are to be submitted for publication in scientific journals as research articles.

For more information, please contact the Admissions office at admissions@monaco.edu

Alumni testimonial

Alexander Kern Alexander Kern, German, DBA 2013

The international University of Monaco provided me with an extraordinary academic doctoral education in a truly global Doctorate in Business Administration.

The DBA is a globally recognized academic doctoral degree, which prepared me to analyze complex tasks and ultimately conduct business in a fast changing environment on an international scale. Since that IUM is a melting-pot of different spirits, backgrounds and cultures, I appreciated the close collaboration, discussions, and pieces of advise from my professors and my fellow doctoral candidates.

Overall, the program was an incredible experience which I would not have wanted to miss for my career.

Eleftheria Egel Eleftheria Egel, Greek, DBA 2014

My DBA path has been a life changing experience as it offered me the possibility to take distance from daily repetitive work, contemplate and give shape and substance to an idea that had been close to my heart for a long time.

During this long scientific quest, IUM has been a fertile ground stimulating and fostering my intellectual and professional growth.